Energize Health is the nutritional vision and expression of dietitian and coach, Careen Visagie.

In 2015 from her base in Pretoria, Careen started brewing

and exploring the health and nutritional benefits of kombucha.

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Experiencing first hand the benefits of regular consumption of this probiotic drink in her own life and health, inspired her to share her knowledge as well as produce.

At Energize Health,
we seek to minimise

the interaction between the kombucha and the bottling material, therefore the Energize Health Kombucha is bottled in glass and sold at local markets and selected outlets. We purpose to produce good quality, health giving kombucha.

To further aid gut health,

we as a part of the Energize Health brand, also on order, brew and supply water kefir, milk kefir as well as kefir grains and kombucha SCOBY. Likewise, as part of healthy living during the winter months we also produce chicken bone-broth on order. All these products have demonstrated to be beneficial to the human body and aid the promotion of gut health, and health in general.

Careen’s education and extensive experience in nutrition and dietetics, along with her understanding of the impact of gut health on overall health and the interactive nature of the two, took her on a journey of discovery. Careen discovered the valuable influence of probiotics in food form, and she was encouraged to learn more about fermented food and the health-giving qualities they possess. Today she aspires to inspire others about this art. With her food-first approach she aims to encourage others to develop and rekindle their love for whole, unprocessed food.

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The Energize Health passion for nutrition
and its impact on the body,

fuels the desire to provide informative practical nutritional information for all.